Click here to download a pdf copy of the program. Papers are 40 minutes long, with 10 minutes for questions.

Monday, July 15:

Time Paper/Activity Presenter Session Theme
8.30-9.00 Conference Registration    
9.00-9.30 Conference Welcome    
9.30-10.20 SHWNG noun phrases, and how they got that way Emily Gasser NPs & determination
10.20-11.10 An initial typology of Papuan possession Gary Holton NPs & determination
11.10-11.25 Morning Coffee    
11.25-12.15 Determiners in Wooi Nikolaus Himmelmann NPs & determination
12.15-13.15 Lunch    
13.15-14.05 Contributions of phonology in understanding the morphology of verbs in Wooi Yusuf Sawaki Phonology
14.05-14.55 Argument relations in Abawiri: Grammar, semantics, and pragmatics Brendon Yoder Lakes Plain
14.55-15.10 Afternoon Coffee    
15.10-16.00 Kaure and its relatives: a language family of West Papua’s eastern Lakes Plain Bill Palmer Lakes Plain
16.00-16.50 Se zokwasi – a register of public speech in Komnzo Christian Döhler Ethnography of communication

Tuesday, July 16:

Time Paper/Activity Presenter Session Theme
9.00-9.50 Studying string figure-making as a tool of language documentation Darja Hoenigman Ethnography of communication
9.50-10.40 Aspectually inflected locatives in Marori I Wayan Arka Location & motion
10.40-10.55 Morning Coffee    
10.55-11.45 Topological relation markers and frames of reference in Bena Bena Carola Emkow Location & motion
11.45-12.35 Expressions of caused accompanied motion events in Yali Sonja Riesberg Location & motion
Afternoon Conference Excursion    

Wednesday, July 17:

TimePaper/ActivityPresenterSession Theme
9.00-9.50 The grammatical structure of Mor (ISO 639-3: moq) of Bomberai Peninsula, Papua, Indonesia Harald Hammarström Documentation of new languages
9.50-10.40 Muyu Grammar Sketch – A lowland Ok language of New Guinea Alexander Zahrer New languages
10.40-10.55 Morning Coffee    
10.55-11.45 Yamben: a previously undocumented language of Madang Andrew Pick New languages
11.45-12.35 Rabaul Creole German: What documentation is showing us Craig Alan Volker Variation & creolisation
12.35-13.35 Lunch    
13.35-14.25 The sociolinguistics of language variation and change in Nmboland, Papua New Guinea Eri Kashima Variation & creolisation
14.25-15.15 Verbal morphology in Yelmek Tina Gregor Verbal morphology
15.15-15.30 Afternoon coffee    
15.30-16.40 The imperative imperative Nick Evans Verbal morphology
16.40-17.00 Conference closing remarks – future conferences, thanks, etc.    


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