The program for the combined ISLOJ 8 and ISMIL 24 conferences can be found below.

Joint Online ISLOJ 8 / ISMIL 24 Programme

Thursday 20 May 2021

UTC              Malang           

07:00-07:30   14:00-14:30     Opening

07:30-08:00   14:30-15:00    

Evynurul Laily Zen.  Heritage Language as an Ethnic Identity Marker in Multicultural and Multilingual Indonesia

08:00-08:30   15:00-15:30    

Karl Anderbeck, Yanti & Tessa Yuditha.  What languages are people shifting to? The 2010 census, and moving beyond representations to linguistic practices

08:30-09:00   15:30-16:00    

Nicholas Barrie Palfreyman.  What can we learn from comparing the sociolinguistic patterns and settings of BISINDO and Malay?

09:00-09:30   16:00-16:30     Break

09:30-10:00   16:30-17:00    

Poppy Siahaan and Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg.   Multimodal language use in Indonesian: Recurrent gestures associated with negativity

10:00-10:30   17:00-17:30    

Hande Sevgi & Wei-Fang Hsieh.  Verbal reduplication and its restrictions in Bahasa Balinese

10:30-11:00   17:30-18:00    

Hiroki Nomoto.  Clitic doubling in Sumbawa bare passives and its relevance to Balinese

11:00-11:30   18:00-18:30     Break

11:30-12:00   18:30-19:00    

Jozina Vander Klok.   PPs in Javanese applicatives

12:00-12:30   19:00-19:30    

Austin Kraft.  Argument possibilities in the object voice in East Javanese Indonesian

12:30-13:00   19:30-20:00    

Tamisha L. Tan.  Possession and Passivity in Balinese: ma- in the Middle

13:00-14:00   20:00-21:00    

Keynote: Carly Sommerlot. Typological Perspectives on the Nasal Prefix 

Friday 21 May 2021

UTC              Malang          

04:00-04:30   11:00-11:30    

Saurov Syed & John Middleton.  Understanding Madurese Sluicing and what [it is not]

04:30-05:00   11:30-12:00    

Yosephine Susanto. The analysis of English and Indonesian emotion lexicons: a comparative study

05:00-05:30   12:00-12:30    

Saurov Syed & John Middleton. Madurese reflexive pronouns in subject position: neither logophors nor anaphors

05:30-06:00   12:30-13:00    

Asako Shiohara, Yanti & Hiroki Nomoto.  Enacted dialogue in conversations in colloquial Jakarta Indonesian

06:00-06:30   13:00-13:30     Break

06:30-07:00   13:30:14:00    

Alexander Adelaar.  On the history of Malayic applicatives

07:00-07:30   14:00-14:30    

Gede Rajeg & Karlina Denistia.  A study in productivity of Indonesian causative -per and -kan

07:30-08:00   14:30-15:00    

Radha Andhra Swari. Liep-Liep Lipi Gadang, Kutal-Kutil Ikut Celeng: Reduplication in Balinese Proverbs from the Perspectives of Types and Functions

08:00-08:30   15:00-15:30    

Dominik Besier. Verbal morphology in Indonesian – a matter of voice?

08:30-09:00   15:30-16:00     Break

09:00-09:30   16:00-16:30    

Nurenzia Yannuar & Tom Hoogervorst. Wartime Linguistics in East Java

09:30-10:00   16:30-17:00    

Jiang Wu.  Reconstructing *-rC- sequences in Proto-Malayic

10:00-10:30   17:00-17:30    

David Gil, Jad Kadan, Santi Kurniati, Fadlul Rahman, Tessa Yuditha & Yeshayahu Shen.   Exploring sociolinguistic variation: metaphor comprehension in Malayic

10:30-11:00   17:30-18:00    

David Gil.  Reduplication in Riau Indonesian: etic and emic approaches

Saturday 22 May 2021

UTC              Malang           

01:30-02:00   08:30-09:00    

Marielle Moraine Butters.  Grammaticalized hortatives in Indonesian

02:00-02:30   09:00-09:30    

Marielle Moraine Butters. ‘Not yet’ as a negative polarity expression in Sundanese

02:30-03:00   09:30-10:00    

Karen McNairney & Saurov Syed. The distribution of yes/no particles in Madurese

03:00-03:30   10:00-10:30     Break

03:30-04:00   10:30-11:00    

Amelia Scharting & Saurov Syed.  Multiple Auxiliaries and v-to-T movement in Madurese

04:00-04:30   11:00-11:30    

Alexander Adelaar.  On the origin of Javanese negators

04:30-05:00   11:30-12:00    

Yuta Sakon.    Agent marking in -ter passive sentence in Indonesian

05:00-05:30   12:00-12:30    

Yosephine Susanto & Ng Bee Chin.  Does speaking Javanese make you feel less emotion?: The categorization and dimensional ratings of Indonesian emotion lexicon

05:30-06:00   12:30-13:00     Break

06:00-06:30   13:00-13:30    

Yoshimi Miyake.  Addressing terms, kinship terms, and pronouns in Javanese

06:30-07:30   13:30-14:30    

Ika Nurhayani.   Keynote: Bare Pronoun Agents Tak amd Kok: Clitics or Affixes?        

07:30-08:00   14:30-15:00     Closing