International Symposium on Bornean Linguistics

The National University of Singapore will host the first International Symposium on Bornean Linguistics (ISBL1), on June 6–7, 2024. ISBL welcomes scholarship on all aspects of the languages and dialects of Borneo.

Registration is now available – please register here! Note that you only need to register once to attend both ISMIL and ISBL.

Invited speakers:

  • Charlotte Hemmings, University of Oxford
  • Roselind Wan, Curtin University Malaysia

ISBL1 will be held in conjunction with the 27th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics (ISMIL27) on June 5–6, 2024, with a joint session on Malayic languages of Borneo.


NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Shaw Foundation building (building AS7)

See here for more detailed venue and accommodation information. For tips for arriving into Singapore, see here.


Click here to see the program.


  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
  • Alexander D. Smith
  • Carly J. Sommerlot