ISLOJ 7 :: Banyuwangi :: 6-7-8 July 2019

You can download a pdf of the full programme here.

Saturday 6 July 2019

0830-0850 Registration
0850-0900 Welcome
0900-0930 Nurenzia Yannuar, Marian Klamer, Tom Hoogervorst
The Phonological Structure of Malangan Javanese and
Bòsò Walikan Malangan
0930-1000 Furihata Masashi
On the Particle tea in Sundanese
1000-1030 Maolin Wang
A study on vowel duration of Sundanese words
1030-1100 Coffee break
1100-1130 Erna Andriyanti
Competition of Javanese and Bahasa Indonesia:
A Mixed-methods Approach to Young Yogyakartan Multilinguals’ Language Choice
1130-1200 Thomas Conners
Wordhood in Javanese
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Antariksawan Jusuf
Standard Javanese vs Using/Banyuwangen:
A note on the distinctive features found in the two dialects
1330-1400 Yoshimi Miyake
Perception and ‘correctness’ of Javanese in Jogjakarta and its vicinities
1400-1430 Coffee break
1430-1500 Heru S.P. Saputra, Titik Maslikatin, Edy Hariyadi
Local Language: World-views and Cultural Expressions
of the Owner Society
1500-1530 Imam Prakoso
Politeness Strategy in Bagong Characterization as a Form of
Symbolic Interactionism Between Dalang and Audiences in
Javanese Shadow Puppet Show by Ki Seno Nugroho
1530-1630 Invited Speaker: Effendi Kadarisman
Javanese Poetics Revisited

Sunday 7 July 2019

0900-1000 Invited Speaker: Novi Anoegrajekti
From Gandrung Statue to Gandrung Sewu:
Approaching two decades of cultural policy in Banyuwangi (2000-2019)
1000-1030 Coffee break
1030-1100 Introduction: Panel for Bill Davies
1100-1130 Ari Natarina and Eri Kurniawan
The Baduy Language Documentation Project:
Past, Present, and Future
1130-1200 Hero Patrianto
The Functions of Suffix -(k)no
1200-1230 Carly Sommerlot
Wh-strategies in Malayic and Land Dayak languages
of West Kalimantan
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1400 Helen Jeoung
P-drop in Languages of Java
1400-1430 Saurov Syed
A simple solution to complex patterns in the Madurese DP:
Revisiting Davies and Dresser 2005
1430-1500 Ari Natarina
The Minimalist Structure of Balinese Control Constructions
1500-1530 Round table panel on Bill Davies’ Legacy
1530-1600 Coffee break
1600-1630 David Moeljadi
Building a computational grammar for Old Javanese
1630-1700 Didik Suharijadi
Local Language Spell Checkers in Word Processing
as a Language Preservation
18:00Travel to Conference Dinner Venue at Sanggar Genjah Arum

Monday 8 July 2019

0900-0930 Evynurul Laily Zen
On the Acquisition of Javanese Determiner Phrases by
Multilingual Children in Indonesia
0930-1000 David Gil
What’s your facebook name?
1000-1030 Coffee break
1030-1100 Dominik Besier
Wonten and neng – verb or preposition? 
The impact on Javanese Indonesian English learners
1100-1130 Aulia Apriana, Rahmati Putri Yaniafari, and Evynurul Laily Zen
On a Code-Mix of Indonesian in Multilingual Children’s Javanese Narratives
1130-1200 Evynurul Laily Zen, Aulia Apriana, and Rahmati Putri Yaniafari
Unraveling the Development of Javanese Language through the
Lens of Multilingual Children’s Narrative Production
1200-1300 Lunch

Followed immediately by ISMIL 

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