WLP6 Program

Monday, July 17 

0945-1000 OPENING

1000-1040        On the Accentual Phrase in Yali
– Katharina Gayler and Nikolaus Himmelmann  

1040-1110    REFRESHMENTS      

1110-1150        Clause chains, L boundary tones and larger discourse units in Yali
– Katharina Gayler, Sonja Riesberg and Nikolaus Himmelmann

1150-1230        Phrasal intonation and the absence of lexical stress in Yawa-Saweru
– Anne van Schie

1230-1330        LUNCH

1330-1410        Recent contact features in Northwest Papuan Malay
– David Gil

1410-1450        Tracking the Linguistic Influences in Gorap, a Malay-Based Mixed Language of Halmahera
– Christoph Bracks

1450-1530     Adult Vernacular Production in Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific
– Laura Arnold, George Saad and Emma Peddie

1530-1600        REFRESHMENTS

1600-1640     Genetics of the Trans-New-Guinean language family          
– Nicolas Brucato, Adeline Morez, Georgi Hudjašov, Jason Kariwiga, Matthew Leavesley and Francois-Xavier Ricaut 

1640-1720       The subgrouping of Koiwai and Irarutu: A novel proposal
– Antoinette Schapper

1720-1800    Progress report on the subclassification of the Austronesian languages of Raja Ampat
– Laura Arnold

Tuesday, July 18

1000-1040        Number in Wooi 
– Yusuf Sawaki

1040-1110         REFRESHMENTS

1110-1150         Patterns of relative clauses in the East Bird’s Head languages
– Chrisma Fernando Saragih

1150-1230       A comparative study of possessive constructions in Pagu and West Makean
– Dalan Peranginangin

1230-1330    LUNCH   

1330-1410        Reduplication in Papuan light-verb constructions
– Sonja Riesberg

1410-1450    Grammaticalization of serial verbs in Seget
– Allahverdi Verdizade

1450-1530     History of the habitual paradigm in Sa: A diachronic construction grammar approach
– Emma C. Mazzuchi

1530-1600        REFRESHMENTS

1600-1640     Introducing Irires, a language of the East Bird’s Head family 
– Antoinette Schapper and Yafed Syufi 

1640-1720     The OUTOFPAPUA database: Designing a system for collaborative reconstruction
– David Kamholz


1740-1800 CLOSING