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How to Get to Manokwari by Pelni Ship

There are 4 Pelni ships serving Manokwari. All four ships operate on a fortnightly schedule, connecting either Tanjung Priok (Jakarta) or Surabaya in the west with Jayapura in the east, one week outbound, one week back again. On the way, they call in at a number of different ports, including Manokwari.

Used to be you could get a Pelni schedule for the entire year. However, as of February 2007, they had not yet published their annual 2007 schedule. However, the Pelni office in Manokwari was able to provide their schedule for February 2007, from which the following information is extracted. Based on previous years experience, the schedule is likely to remain the same in August. The four ships are listed by name, after which their outbound route is shown (inbound is usually the same backwards), and then the days and hours of their arrival in and departure from Manokwari. The catch is that the schedule is fortnightly. If say the Sinabung arrives in Manokwari on Sunday at 0500 and leaves two hours later, this is only every second Sunday, and as of now we don't know which Sunday that will be in August. And without this additional crucial piece of information, it's hard to make firm plans.

Still, for those who have their heart set on a cruise across the archipelago, you might consider flying to Manokwari and taking the boat back: once in town, you should easily be able to obtain up-to- date information on schedules. For example, if you plan to stay for both conferences and leave on the weekend right after, there are two possibilities, either the Doro Londa on Sunday at 1000, or the Labobar on Saturday at 0200 most likely one of them will be running that weekend and the other one not, and once you're in town you can find out which one it is.



T Priok - Semarang - Makassar - Bau-Bau - Ranggai - Bitung - Ternate - Sorong - MANOKWARI - Biak - Serui - Jayapura

outbound: Sun 0500 - 0700
inbound: Wed 0300 - 0500

Doro Londa

Surabaya - Makassar - (Bau-Bau) - Ambon - Fak Fak - Sorong - MANOKWARI - Wasior - Nabire - Serui - Jayapura

outbound: Wed 2300 - 2400
inbound: Sun 0800 - 1000


T Priok - Surabaya - Balikpapan - Pantoloan - Bitung - Ternate - Sorong - MANOKWARI - Nabire - Serui - Biak - Jayapura

outbound: Sat 1900 - 2100
inbound: Wed 0900 - 1100


T Priok - Surabaya - Makassar - Sorong - MANOKWARI - Nabire - Jayapura

outbound: Thu 0200 - 0400
inbound: Sat 0000 - 0200

The harbour is located just outside the mouth of Doreri bay, in Kota, where Jl. Merdeka meets the sea and becomes Jl. Siliwangi. The Pelni headquarters, a hunk of empty corridors and stairwells connecing the mostly closed office rooms, are located across the street from the harbour.

Of course, Pelni is just the top end of possible boat travel to and from Manokwari. In addition to Pelni there are the somewhat more rickety Perintis boats, and any number of smaller ocean going vessels. For further information, just hang out at the harbour, or ask around at any waterfront. In general, however, the options are less frequent and also more arduous than in other parts of Indonesia to the west.

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