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Claudia Gerstner-Link
University of Munich, Munich
Spatial orientation and verb serialisation in Kilmeri

David Gil
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
Typology meets sociolinguistics: Associational semantics in Meyah

Mark Donohue
Monash University, Melbourne
Where are the Papuan languages?

Gary Holton
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Pronouns and pronominal prefixes in Alor-Pantar (Trans New Guinea)

Frantisek Kratochvil and Joanna Sio
Universiteit Leiden, Leiden / Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
The parallel between nominal and clausal demonstratives in Abui

Danielle Mathieu-Reeves
University of Oregon, Eugene
Grammaticalization paths of auxiliary verb constructions in two lower Sepik-Ramu languages: Iatmul & Yimas

Simon Musgrave and Mark Donohue
Monash University, Melbourne
Preposed possessor languages in a wider context

Cecilia Odé
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Utterance final plosives in Mpur

Scott Paauw
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo
A north Papuan linguistic area

David S. Price and Mark Donohue
SIL Indonesia Branch, Sentani / Monash University, Melbourne
Stress in Ambai, and how it became that way

Yusuf Sawaki and Olivia Waren
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
On the typology of personal pronouns of Austronesians of Geelvink Bay and those of West Papuan Phylum

Yusuf Sawaki
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
Morphological verb configuration in Middle Yali: Forms, functions and meaning

Antionette Schapper
Australian National University, Canberra
What is it to be Papuan? Bunak: a non-Austronesian language of Eastern Indonesia.

Ruben Stoel
Universiteit Leiden, Leiden
The prosody of Fataluku

Yafed Syufi
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
Sociolinguistic overview of the Ireres language, A native speaker perspective

René van den Berg
SIL PNG Branch
Possession in Irarutu and other SHWNG languages

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