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 Wednesday 8 August 2007
0830 - registration (desk will be open all morning)
0850 - 0900 opening
 Note: participants in the Workshop on the Languages of Papua are welcome to attend the Wednesday morning sessions of the International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics, which are devoted to one of the languages of Papua: Papuan Malay
0900 - 0930Does Passive exist in Melayu Papua?
Yusuf Sawaki
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
0930 - 1000On syntactical paradigm of causative constructions in Melayu Papua
Wiem Burung and Yusuf Sawaki
SIL Kangaroo Ground / Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
1000 - 1030A Description of some linguistic and sociolinguistic features of Papuan Malay
Hyun Kim, Sooyoung Shon and Benny Rumaropen
SIL Indonesia Branch, Sentani
1030 - 1100 refreshments
1100 - 1230 General Discussion
1300 - 1800 excursion and cultural events
1800 - banquet
 Thursday 9 August 2007
0930 - 1030Where are the Papuan languages?
Mark Donohue
Monash University, Melbourne
1030 - 1100 refreshments
1100 - 1130Typology meets sociolinguistics: Associational semantics in Meyah
David Gil
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
1130 - 1200Sociolinguistic overview of the Ireres language, A native speaker perspective
Yafed Syufi
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
1200 - 1230Utterance final plosives in Mpur
Cecilia Odé
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
1230 - 1400 lunch
1400 - 1430Stress in Ambai, and how it became that way
David S. Price and Mark Donohue
SIL Indonesia Branch, Sentani / Monash University, Melbourne
1430 - 1500Possession in Irarutu and other SHWNG languages
René van den Berg
SIL PNG Branch
1500 - 1530Grammaticalization paths of auxiliary verb constructions in two lower Sepik-Ramu languages: Iatmul & Yimas
Danielle Mathieu-Reeves
University of Oregon, Eugene
1530 - 1600 refreshments
1600 - 1630Spatial orientation and verb serialisation in Kilmeri
Claudia Gerstner-Link
University of Munich, Munich
1630 - 1700Morphological verb configuration in Middle Yali: Forms, functions and meaning
Yusuf Sawaki
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
 Friday 10 August 2007
1030 - 1100 refreshments
1100 - 1130The prosody of Fataluku
Ruben Stoel
Universiteit Leiden, Leiden
1130 - 1200The parallel between nominal and clausal demonstratives in Abui
Frantisek Kratochvil and Joanna Sio
Universiteit Leiden, Leiden / Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
1200 - 1230Pronouns and pronominal prefixes in Alor-Pantar (Trans New Guinea)
Gary Holton
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
1230 - 1400 lunch
1400 - 1430What is it to be Papuan? Bunak: a non-Austronesian language of eastern Indonesia
Antionette Schapper
Australian National University, Canberra
1430 - 1500A north Papuan linguistic area
Scott Paauw
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo
1500 - 1530Preposed possessor languages in a wider context
Simon Musgrave and Mark Donohue
Monash University, Melbourne
1530 - 1600 refreshments
1600 - 1630On the typology of personal pronouns of Austronesians of Geelvink Bay and those of West Papuan Phylum
Yusuf Sawaki and Olivia Waren
Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari
1700 - 1730 closing

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