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Booking through the
Max Planck Institute Jakarta Field Station

The Max Planck Institute Jakarta Field Station (JFS) is willing to make bookings and purchase airplane tickets for participants resident outside of Indonesia who are unable to obtain their domestic Indonesian tickets to Manokwari via any other method. However, we do request that you make use of the Jakarta Field Station's assistance only as a last resort, if all other methods fail.

To order your tickets through the JFS, please contact Betty Littamahuputty at <bathseba AT>. Please provide the names of the passengers, the dates and times of your connecting international flights in and out of Indonesia, and any other information you think is relevant. Once the JFS has made your bookings, you will be asked to transfer the appropriate amount to the JFS bank account in Jakarta, and following receipt of the funds, the tickets will be issued. (Please note that the JFS will charge an additional 5% of the price of the tickets in order to cover bank charges and exchange rate differences.) Unless alternative arrangements are made, your tickets will be kept in the JFS office for you to pick up upon arrival in Jakarta.

Also, please note that the JFS will be able to provide assistance in purchasing your tickets only up to the 15th of December 2009, since after that date, things will begin to slow down for the Christmas holiday season, and the JFS staff will not be available to help. It's always good to make plane bookings as far in advance as possible.

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