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Important Visa Information for Non-Australian Participants

All travellers, except those with Australian or New Zealand passports, require travel authorization before traveling to Australia. Australia does not have visa-free or visa-waiver programs with any country (except New Zealand). You MUST arrange your visa BEFORE you arrive in Australia.

For many, this means obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) visa which is fast and free and available to citizens of many countries. However, you do need to obtain ETA approval before traveling to Australia. Please see the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to determine if you qualify.

Citizens of other countries for whom an ETA is not possible will need to apply for a visa to enter Australia. Participants are advised to check with their travel agent, or with a reliable website, such as that of the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, mentioned above. In case you need a visa to travel to Australia we suggest you start the application procedure as soon as possible.

An official Australian government document explaining the visa regulations can be viewed here.

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Page last modified: 17 April 2016, Melbourne