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Audio-visual Information

The conference room will be equipped with a Windows XP laptop and a computer projector (beamer) with a resolution capacity of 1024x768. Please bring your presentation documents on cd-rom, dvd, or USB memory key. Should you wish to bring your own laptop, please make sure to adjust the resolution for beaming (1024x768). In the conference room an internet connection is not readily available.

In case your (PowerPoint) presentation includes sound effects or in case you wish to use the internet during your presentation, please inform the organisers as soon as possible. Should you bring a Macintosh laptop, please make sure you have the necessary means to connect it to a VGA cable. Finally, the organizing committee does not provide for adaptors or international switches.

Please note that our computers cannot always play VCD discs and VHS Videoplayers are becoming harder to come by lately. If you bring any movies, please bring them on CDROM or DVD.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that either slide projectors or overhead projectors are available, but are unfortunately in poor condition. The university does not invest in 'old technologies' anymore and we recommend that you bring your presentations in powerpoint if possible.

Commercial photocopying facilities will not be available; participants are therefore requested to bring enough copies of their handouts with them.

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