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The Fifth International Symposium
On The Languages Of Java

6-7 June 2015
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Eli Asikin-Germager, Nur Ahmadi
University of Iowa, University of Mataram
Sasak nasal verb variation -- antipassives and extraction asymmetries

Asako Shiohara, Ketut Artawa
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; Udayana University
The definite marker in Balinese

Thomas J Conners
University of Maryland
People Referring Expressions in Javanese

William Davies
University of Iowa
Could you be a little more specific? The Madurese applicative -aghi

Eri Kurniawan, William Davies
Indonesia University of Education, University of Iowa
Covert Finiteness in Sundanese

Doris Gerland
Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf
Possessive suffixes as definite determiners in Indonesian Languages: A possible grammaticalization pathway

David Gil
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Becoming Austronesian: The Languages of Java

Cita Nuary Ishak
State University of Malang
Variations of Javanese: Phoneme Intensifiers in East Javanese

Nurenzia Yannuar, A. Effendi Kadarisman
Leiden University, Universitas Negeri Malang
On the Phonetics, Phonology, and Phonotactics of Basa Walikan Malangan

Daniel Krausse
Goethe University Frankfurt/Universitas Surabaya
Features of Surabaya Javanese (Suroboyoan)

Abimardha Kurniawan

About Flora and Fauna Names in the Sixteenth Century Javanese Literary Work

Svann Langguth
University of Indonesia
Some aspects of the hydronyms in West-Java

Noor Malihah
State Institute of Islamic Studies, Salatiga
The passive voice in dialectal and standard Javanese

Furihata Masashi
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Particles teh and mah as Topic Markers in Sundanese

Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
Indonesia University of Education
rek kamana maneh euy? Sundanese Language Survival among Indonesian diaspora in Melbourne, Australia

Ari Natarina
University of Iowa
The Lexical and Pragmatic Effects of the Balinese Morpheme -ang

Hiroki Nomoto
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
The development of the passive in Balinese

Bernd Nothofer
Goethe University Frankfurt
Aspects of the history of Standard and Jakarta Malay, Sundanese, and Javanese: A Closer Look at Inheritance and Borrowing

Nicholas Barrie Palfreyman
International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies
The social significance of Javanese mouthings in Indonesian Sign Language

Arum Perwitasari
Leiden University
Formant Frequencies of Javanese on English Vowel Production

Atin Fitriana, Budi Eko Pranoto, Fifi Ratna
University of Indonesia
The Process of Irrealis Suffixed Words Formation of Old Javanese and Imperative Suffixes of Modern Javanese

Dwi Santoso
La Trobe University
The linguistic politeness strategies in Javanese Political Debate

Syarifuddin, Eri Kurniawan
Indonesian University of Education
The syntactic and pragmatic roles of Sundanese particles teh and mah in spoken corpus

Sophie Villerius
Radboud University
Javanese in contact: the case of Surinamese Javanese

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