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Harwintha Y. Anjarningsih, Ratna D. Soebadi, Abdul Gofir and Roelien Bastiaanse
Characterizing agrammatic aphasia in Bahasa Indonesia

Bambang Kaswanti Purwo
Sudah in contemporary Indonesian

John Bowden
Kupang Malay: isolating or not

Thomas J. Conners
Valency Classes in Jakarta Indonesian

Joe Errington
Interaction between Indonesian and Kupang Malay

Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon and August Fenk
Malay/Indonesian languages in crosslinguistic comparison: Using parallel texts and quantitative data

David Gil
The essant role: Evidence from Malay/Indonesian

Wei-Hsien He
Two copulas in Bahasa Malaysia: ialah and adalah

Lanny Hidayat
The effects of linguistic input on young children’s early utterances

Budi Kadaryanto
Functional categories in an Indonesian child’s Determiner Phrases

Jozina Vander Klok
Investigations on prosodic focus marking in Indonesian

Angela Kluge
Existential clauses in Papuan Malay

Okki Kurniawan
A constraint-based analysis of the nasal-laryngeal sequences within morpheme in Indonesian

Tim McKinnon, Peter Cole and Gaby Hermon
Low adjunction and the structure of the Kerinci DP

Tim McKinnon, Fadlul Rekinan and Heri Mudra
The Phonology of Kerinci Name Adaptation

David Moeljadi
Possessive verbal predicate constructions in Indonesian

Yassir Nasanius
Phrase formation and Bahasa Alay

Hiroki Nomoto and Kartini Abd. Wahab
Kena passives in Indonesian: A Malaysian perspective

Romola Rassool
Economic factors that drive language maintenance/shift: the case of Sri Lanka Malay

Santi Kurniati, Yessy Prima Putri, Søren Wichmann and David Gil
Tapan: An exploration in Malayic subgrouping

Faizah Sari
Affirmative saya in Ternate

Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar
Nasal substitution in non-standard Malay dialects

Asako Shiohara
Reduplication and indication of plurality in Indonesian

Soh, Hooi Ling
The syntax of dah in Colloquial Malay

Susanto, Eni Suryati, Yanuar Dwi Prastyo and Kurniasih
Pretonic patterns of intonation in Javanese Indonesian spontaneous dialogue: A study in systemic phonology

Juliana Wijaya
Indonesian learner language at the early stages of acquisition

Nicholas Williams
The Indonesian demonstratives ini and itu as placeholders in conversational talk-in-interaction

Verb + -e and Verb + -ɲo constructions in Jambi Malay: What are they?

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